People @ Writing Studio


With the goal of boosting and enhancing the writing skills of the community members, IITGN has come up with this radically new concept in Indian education scenario. The idea is to augment both the creative writing and scientific writing skills by exposing the students to globally recognised writing practices and conventions.


Meet the enthusiastic team behind this initiative – the faculty and students.


Arka Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor

Arnapurna Rath

Assistant Professor

Atul Singh

Visiting Professor

Bhaskar Datta

Associate Professor

Jaison Manjaly

Associate Professor

Kaustubh Rane

Assistant Professor

Malavika Subramanyam

Assistant Professor

Mona Mehta

Assistant Professor

Neeldhara Misra

Assistant Professor

Sharmita Lahiri

Assistant Professor

T.S. Kumbar


Umashankar Singh

Assistant Professor


Akshat Pachauri

Anusha Kamath

Karthik S Karvaje

Sahit P.J.

Shreyas Singh

Shreyas Sreeram

Sushrut S Surve

IIT Gandhinagar
Palaj Village,
Gujarat - 382 355


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