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Writing Studio @IITGN is a place where we put our pens to paper or shall we say fingers to keys. The Studio is dedicated to serving our students by offering them an immersive environment for the work of writing. Our motto is to practice till we perfect. If writing is an individual way of expressing oneself, it is also a collective activity that builds bridges among individuals to form a community.

At the Studio, we aim at such collective writing exercises. Writing can be great fun when all of us come together and let our thoughts flow. Let us not think too much before writing. In other words, let us use the platform of writing to do our thinking. Without thinking ahead of writing which can lead to procrastination, at the Studio, we immerse ourselves in the actual process of writing. This practice of writing in itself is critical thinking in performance.  

Writing Studio @IITGN wishes to cultivate the practice of writing and contribute to a strong intellectual culture. We hope to develop a curriculum that produces collaborative, interactive and intense guidance for our students. We plan to do workshops on various aspects of writing such as communication, organization, expression, argument, style and so on. 


Session on Predatory Publishing: How to spot and avoid  to be conducted by Dr. T. S. Kumbar  on 23 January 2019 Wednesday from  4 to 5:30 pm

Venue: AB 6/202


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