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“Good grammar is like personal hygiene- you can ignore it if you want, but don’t be offended when people draw their conclusions.”

Solid grammar is a prerequisite for proper English. Command over grammar is what separates amateurs from the seasoned speakers. Having a precise understanding of grammatical rules give you coherency and consistency in your writing and allows you to change the tone of your message without altering the content.
In this section, you will find tools that will help you improve your grammar and enhance your vocabulary.

BBC Learning English

Learn English from experts at BBC 


Grammarly @ IITGN

About Grammarly for IITGN students. 

Purdue OWL

These OWL resources will help you with punctuation.

Active and Passive Voice

A handout that explains the difference between active and passive voice in writing.

More Resources

For a huge Brain Dump of all the resources that we could find click away

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