Tangram is one of the most popular dissection puzzle in the world. A dissection puzzle is transformation/tiling puzzle where you take a set of given pieces and assemble in different ways to produce different various shapes. Interesting isn’t it? It was invented in China and then carried over to Europe […]

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AMC Children visit to IITGn

100 children from AMC schools visited IITGn today. They had a wonderful time making tangram, gliders and learning about the ultrasonic sensor and its working! Have a look at the glimpses of the session. After the session one of the child made a sheet of t-shirt out of the paper […]

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Let’s fly together!

#ProjectSpark #AMC #CLI #IITGn Can you make a A4 size sheet paper to travel 40 feet ? Yes, the children of AMC had wonderful time making several different types of paper planes and then testing it to see which one travel the farthest! You can have a look the glimpses […]

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AMC Children Visit to IITGn -24 Jan 2018

#ProjectSpark It always heartening to see the children engrossed in doing the activity. Today, 100 children from the AMC schools visited IITGn. They were shown many low cost no cost activities via which they can learn science and mathematics. The children were really delighted to see the ghost cube and […]

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Fun with Paper Copter!

#ProjectSpark So this week we visited the following schools on Tue: Saijpur Guj. School No. 5 Thurs: Saijpur Guj. School No. 6,9 & Asarwa Guj. School no. 1 100 children visited IITGn and had an awesome experience making paper copter and discovering the pattern behind a simple calendar. P.K. Srinivasan book on “Fun […]

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Printing a concrete !

#ProjectSpark IIT Gandhinagar Today 75 children from AMC Schools (Amaraivadi School No 1,5,11 ) visited IITGn . The session kick-started with design thinking session where participants got the challenge to design a purse for their fellow partners. This exercise helped children to appreciate the importance of empathizing with the end user […]

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